Monday, August 29, 2016

The Bionic Leaf

This new invention of the bionic leaf, is one of the many way scientists from different fields are coming together to achieve a universal goal. In this case, biologists and technologists are coming together to not only try to make a cleaner alternative fuel to oil and oil products, more readily available, but also trying to clean up the earths air while doing it. This new bionic leaf is using solar energy to split oxygen and hydrogen from water, and turning it into energy, creating an artificial photosynthesis.
This new and improved photosynthesis is ten times fast than traditional photosynthesis, and instead of the process creation oxygen, it creates fuel. The bionic leaf creates alcohol fuels which can be burned and turned into energy. The interesting this about this invention is that it could potentially bring power to places of the world that do not have it. Considering all the leaf requires is sunlight to funtion, the leaf could be brought to remote areas and power could be established. While a power plant where the alcohol products could be turned into energy would require building, it would create jobs and be more cost effective then trying to either ship oil products to remote locations, or trying to run power lines from the closest powered town out to where people are living with out power.
According to Harvard University, where this product was founded, the next step for the bionic leaf is make building it most cost effective in order to make it readily available as a power source across the world.
If this technology does become attainable by the average person it could not only solve our constant battle of finding oil, but take some of the Co2, causing our climate change, out of the air, while providing a power source that would not then harm the environment more. If more studies show that this a reliable, healthier, and inexpensive fuel source, I think it could give big oil companies a run for their money.

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