Sunday, April 23, 2017

Heart Week Reflection

How did you do on the work this week?

So this week was obviously pretty exciting as we go to both look at and cut into a real heart. The packet we did was pretty easy, and the lab it's self really helped me visualize how all the components of the heart come together and where each chamber sits in the heart. See the example heart attached to the other organs also was very helpful as we got to actually see how the heart sits among the other organs, and how it attaches to them. On the less exciting side we had the test this week which I felt pretty good about while taking but I wasn't super confident on a couple multiple choice questions that were a little tricky. The free response however I thought went really well and I am hoping I got a good grade overall.

What do you think you understood well?

After doing the heart dissection I think I understood how all the components of the heart worked together pretty well. It helped a lot being able to hold the heart in my hands and follow where the   de-oxygenated blood would come in and where the oxygenated blood would come out. On the test all of the hybrid crosses and anything to do with figuring out what genotypes different generations have, or with finding out what type of relationship is prevalent in a gene, I understand very well as that is what we spent a lot of time on in CP Bio.

What do you thin you need to improve on?

I think I need to improve on my understanding of meiosis. In CP Bio we did spend a ton of time on meiosis or mitosis so I don't remember much from that, so a lot of it was new information and I think I need to study it a little more.

What strategies will you use to improve?

Not only to improve on this, but also with the AP test rapidly approaching I am going to start reviewing all of the vodcasts and parts of the textbook with subjects I didn't understand well. I also have started doing practice tests online so hopefully that will help me stultify some subjects I need work on.

How does the work we are doing fit in with the overall narrative of the course?

The heart has to do with regulation which is very important in keeping organisms alive, making it important to biology. The heart dissection also gave us a glimpse into what a real life experience could be in a biological field which relates to showing us careers in biology.

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