Sunday, April 9, 2017

Reflection for March 27

How did you do on the work for this week?

This week I think I did pretty well on the work, the virtual lab was easy and I liked being able to pick our own traits and try to figure out what kind of dominance we were dealing with. While it take me a minute to remember how to do crosses with X-linked traits, the crosses we did were pretty easy. We also started looking at the stickleback fish which I thought was really cool.

What do you think you understood well?

I think I understood how to figure out which kind of dominance or inheritance pattern we were looking at by the end of this activity. I also think I understood calculating probabilities of crosses well.

What do you think you could improve on?

I think I could improve on doing di-hybrid crosses, and on understanding the genetic side of what was happening with the stickleback fish. I imagine as we get further into the activity what happened with the stickleback fish will make more sense.

How does this fit into the narrative/ context of the course?

What we learned from the stickleback fish can potentially be seen in other species and has to do with the part of the class that deals with modern applications of biology. As far as the fly lab, it allowed us to not only veiw the procedures necessary for that type of experiment, but also to view different kinds of inheritance patterns, which are all very important in bio.

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