Monday, May 22, 2017

Genius Hour - Week 2

This week I continued on my research and looked into other pandemics like spanish influenza, bubonic plague, and ebola. I found out a bunch of interesting things about all of the diseases that I didn’t know. This upcoming week I hope to wrap up my research by looking into how the diseases take over the cell, and how they multiply and take over the whole body. I also am looking into how people perceive pandemics and how panic occurs. I’ve been researching how people reacted to each of the pandemics and what they did as far as control and treatment. From researching this, especially in the instance of the bubonic plague, I saw how crazy and violent people can get in the presence of intimate death. After finishing up my research in the next couple of days I hope to start putting together a presentation and diagram by the end of the week.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Genius Hour- Week 1

Sooooo, For starters we took the AP test this week and overall I am hoping I did ok, I didn't run into any questions that I had never even heard of what was being asked, but the time did affect me and would have liked about ten more minutes on the multiple choice. Overall however I am hoping I passed. As far as Genius Hour, I decided to study Typhoid Fever, and how this disease, and others like it, take over cells, and eventually the body. I also will be looking at how, as humans, we handle pandemics and how protocols have changed since things like the Bubonic Plague. I also decided that as part of my presentation I am going to make a model of a Typhoid cell and a human cell and try to demonstrate how the cell becomes infected in a 3D, hands on style. I am also going to be including things about typhoid Mary to make the presentation interesting, as well as talk about how we as people view disease.