Sunday, May 14, 2017

Genius Hour- Week 1

Sooooo, For starters we took the AP test this week and overall I am hoping I did ok, I didn't run into any questions that I had never even heard of what was being asked, but the time did affect me and would have liked about ten more minutes on the multiple choice. Overall however I am hoping I passed. As far as Genius Hour, I decided to study Typhoid Fever, and how this disease, and others like it, take over cells, and eventually the body. I also will be looking at how, as humans, we handle pandemics and how protocols have changed since things like the Bubonic Plague. I also decided that as part of my presentation I am going to make a model of a Typhoid cell and a human cell and try to demonstrate how the cell becomes infected in a 3D, hands on style. I am also going to be including things about typhoid Mary to make the presentation interesting, as well as talk about how we as people view disease.

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