Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Genius Hour Week 3

This week I finished almost all of my research and have started to put it in poster board format. I also collected all the materials I need to make the poster so that this week I can put it completely together. Aside from the poster I am also building a model of a bacterial cell which at this point is all put together and painted. For the model I just need to add a flagella and phili. For the body of the cell I used two pieces of foam, which I carved and glued together. I then covered the foam in model magic to make it a smooth paintable surface, this however didn't work as well as I had hoped, as it cracked in many places while it dried. In order to fix the cracks I filled them with hot glue and just painted over them. The whole this is now painted and I need to figure out what to make the phili and flagella out of. I also need to make a key explaining what each structure is. This will be a color corrdinated key that the model cell will sit on. Overall this week went well and I am hoping to be completely or next to completely done with the project by the end of this week.

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